New – Isoloader EconoLifter – Container Straddle Carrier


ISOLOADER has developed a range of Straddle Carriers for various intermodal operations. These machines have in common a light structural design compared to reach stackers, forklifts, and most straddle carriers. As a result, the machines are economical, have a low wheel pressure, consume little fuel and are very manoeuvrable.

• The EconoLifter is an economical solution suited for warehouses and transport terminals handling lower volumes of containers. The machine could chain-lift up to 4-6 containers per hour (depending on the operation) in smaller scale sites such as transport yards, warehouses, and production plants.

• Bottom chain lift of containers
• Up to 8 moves per hour
• Up to 36 Tonnes container
• Stack 1-2 high
• Open cab fitted below the side beam.

*   GST Extra if Applicable

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